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5 Reasons to be a Good Literary Citizen

Reading from my Books Publicly Can Contribute to the Literary Community

Saturday, April 22, 2023, I read from my debut novel, Song of Herself at Comfort, Texas, Public Library’s Read-a-Thon.

I also read from At Home in the World: Travel Stories of Growing Up and Growing Away, my coming-of-age, travel memoir.

The theme of both books assert the transformative nature of travel to build personal and psychological agency, especially for women.

It was also the library’s Authors, Artists, and Artisans (AAA) Day. There were watercolorists, jewelry makers, and authors selling their products. It was a fun community day together.

Yes, you may have noticed that the word itself is spelled differently on various sites. Readathon or read-a-thon. The first is easier to type, the second, easier to read. I’ll use them interchangeably.

5 Reasons why being a good literary citizen is important?

  1. You’ll make new friends, like Catherine Wilde and her three adorable daughters in the photo above. She’s the author of Reclaiming your Inner Sparkle, and the accompanying book, Self Care Journal for Moms: Sparkle Every Day: Prompts & Practices to Effortlessly Infuse your Days with Compassion & Self Love. You will find her online at
  2. Whether you’re a reader or writer, you will learn of books that you would not have found any other way. That’s part of the thrill of it.
  3. To support other writers, even artists and artisans, in their creative endeavors. We work alone, yet our products, whether books or artwork are for the public, the communities in which we live.
  4. To let the world know what you, as writer and creative, have contributed to the world, so they can read and enjoy your work. Also let them know who you are as a person, not just a name on the front of the book.
  5. To bring together those who love to read and those who write, so both can have live discussions about books, themes, and how books and stories have changed our lives.


Wiley-Jones, fiercely committed for thirty years to guiding travelers toward supercharged benefits of writing to unlock the keys to transformative travel, will unpack journal-writing methods with which you can experiment. Wiley-Jones is an accomplished writer and award-winning travel writer with 1) a coming-of-age travel memoir, and 2) an historical travel adventure novel; as well as multiple publications in national anthologies and local lifestyle magazines. She can facilitate techniques for you to write stories for yourself, your family, and/or for publication.

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