Book Club Discussion Guide

  1. What early life experiences prepare Rhonda to tackle the travel opportunities with confidence that come to her at fourteen and fifteen?
  2. How would you describe her mother’s parenting style? Did it help or hinder Rhonda’s development?
  3. What does Rhonda mean by the term, “agency” used in chapter seven?
  4. Which experiences in each travel chapter (chapters # 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) promote the sense of agency in her life?
  5. How does this sense of agency relate to Rhonda growing up and growing away from her mother and her church?
  6. In what ways does Rhonda’s relationship with the church help her grow?
  7. How does she come to observe the shortcomings of the church?
  8. How does Rhonda resolve the conflict between her church and herself?
  9. How do travel opportunities, afforded by her church and parents, affect Rhonda’s worldview over time?
  10. Reflect for Rhonda and yourself on the quote from Heilbrun, “…to write my own life on a level far below consciousness, (made) it possible for me to experience what I could not have had the courage to undertake in full awareness.”

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