Travel Touchstones: Transformative Travel through Creative Journal Writing

  • Have you considered spinning memories into stories, essays, or memoirs?
  • Have you captured a trip in journal entries & been disappointed by the results?
  • Have you traveled as tourist, pilgrim, adventurer, learner, intentional sojourner?
  • Have you yearned for adventures, but not known how to make them happen?
  • This workshop will illustrate how you let travel be our teacher!

     — No travel or writing experience required. — 

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Share adventures or misadventures with others in a fun atmosphere.
  2. Reflect on how to travel more purposefully, independently, and intentionally.
  3. Practice journal exercises to develop insight & clarity.
  4. Consider types of travel to match writing supplies to take with you.
  5. Develop writing skills through observation, writing with six senses; and mixing fiction with fact.
  6. Select journal writing methods for your travel circumstances and/or your writing style.
  7. Stimulate imagination with tips, ideas, and suggestions shared.
  8. Make new friends and get to know old ones in new ways.

What previous participants have said

  • Nicely presented
  • Good interaction
  • Useful handouts
  • Thank you, Rhonda. I’m a fan!!
  • Many useable/practical ideas and suggestions
  • Great class—plenty of time for questions & sharing
  • I was surprised to learn so much in your workshop
  • It never occurred to me I might write & sell articles

REGISTRATION FEE for 3-hour workshop

  • $65/person
  • $45 for Schreiner University faculty and staff
  • $35 for Schreiner students
  • Special Flat-fee group rate – to be negotiated
  • You may host a “house party” workshop – ask me about it!

To register or to ask further questions, please send me an email at

Workshop Facilitator 

Rhonda Wiley-Jones, M.Ed., author of a coming-of-age travel memoir, At Home in the World: Travel Stories of Growing Up and Growing Away, is a world traveler, journal writer, blogger, and fiction writer. She has conducted this workshop with audiences, such as 2015, 2016, and 2017 Schreiner University’s Global Programs; the 2016 annual Story Circle Network national conference; the 2013 and 2014 Iowa State University Alumni Association Osher Learning Institute; and the 2013 Schreiner University’s Innovative Learning Program for community members.

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