Writing Prompts (Before you travel)

  • TRIP EXPECTATIONS. Log your trip expectations and/or goals–your dream of what you want out of this trip. Include predictions, anxieties, questions, and resolutions.
  • ANTICIPATED CHANGES. How might this travel change you? How will it inform your worldview or allow you to change it? What do you hope to see, to accomplish, and/or learn?
  • YOUR MENTOR. Travel can be an educational experience and serve as a guru or mentor. How might your travel trip itself be your mentor? Be specific; give examples.
  • DIVERSITY. What kinds of diversity might you discover on this trip? It cannot be race, gender, or sexual orientation. Think broadly, culturally, educationally, economically, geologically, naturally, agriculturally—think outside the box.
  • PACKING LIGHTLY. What will you pack for this trip; the tangibles you will place in your bags? Can you pack lightly to carry your own load? Can you prepare for the unexpected?
  • PACKING THOUGHTFULLY. What will you pack for this trip; the intangibles, like attitudes, preconceptions, biases, religious beliefs and intentions? How will you travel with an open mind?
  • HOME & DESTINATION.  List adjectives that describe your home to you. Home can mean country, hometown or state, culture, your house, food, etc. Then list adjectives that may describe your destination from what you know about it. How will you negotiate those differences? How can you search for differences?
  • CHALLENGED. Your thoughts and beliefs may be challenged: what do you think might be positive and negative responses? How will you convey your thoughts and beliefs in a civil and respectful manner?
  • CHALLENGING. You will challenge other people’s beliefs to your own: what do you think might be appropriate responses to them? How might you handle those situations in a civil and respectful way?
  • SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL. What makes you shake (or tremble, good or bad)? What rattles or upsets you? What calms you down so you can roll with the punches?

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