Chardonnay & Hemingway

Luxury fee of treating yourself to this three-hour workshop is roughly the cost of a manicure or massage, for three-hours of exploring through writing with friends.

Bring 1) your favorite bottle of wine to share, 2) your journal or paper, and pen or computer, if you prefer; and 3) a friend.


  • You will write, share, investigate, and dig deep on this journey, as if you were Hemingway …
  • In order to discover something about …
  • Yourself, your travels in the world, your situation in life, and/or your dreams …
  • That will lead you to do, think, believe or become something different in the near future.

A different set of ten prompts will be provided for each of the three writings.

  1. You will capture immediate reactions to a thoughtful quote about adventure that gives you a chance to warm-up your writing muscles.
  2. Then, you will explore your response to one of ten randomly selected prompts about your personal travel experiences, either past excursions or potential future ones.
  3. Finally, you will attempt to weave together the “outer” and “inner” journeys for self-discovery.


  • Put the pedal to the metal. Write fast and wild and free. Put pen to paper and keep writing, don’t stop. Don’t edit, don’t stop. Keep writing.
  • Feel free to share your writing or toss it out the window; but maybe you want to share for all the applause and cheers you get.
  • Listen to others’ writing with an ear for the possible and the positive. Don’t be shy to encourage your fellow travelers.



Fiercely committed for thirty years to guide travelers toward supercharged benefits of writing to unlock the keys to transformative travel, Rhonda Wiley-Jones will unpack journal-writing methods you can practice. As an accomplished writer, with a coming-of-age, travel memoir and a travel adventure novel; multiple publications in national anthologies and local lifestyle magazines; she can facilitate techniques for you to write stories for yourself, your family, or for publication.

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