Chardonnay & Hemingway

Weekend Writing Retreat Format

Friday night through Sunday morning writing retreat for writers who want to enhance their observation skills, their sensory writing skills, and how to journal as they travel to craft selling prose when they return home.

Next scheduled retreat: Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Christian Conference Center in Hunt, Texas, will host the next one October 25-27, 2019.

House Party Format

An evening event, time to be decided by house party host, like 7-9 p.m. Sip wine (Chardonnay or your wine of choice) and write about an adventure that is close to your heart (like Hemingway’ escapades-though he likely wouldn’t have drunk Chardonnay).

This will be an evening of exploration and discovery, digging deep for personal insight and guidance — the kind that is available to all of us. We just have to mine it from our depths. Come join the fun of writing and sharing with like-minded friends, old and new.

Bring 1) your favorite bottle of wine to share, 2)  paper (or journal) and pen–or computer if you prefer; and 3) a friend. 


A different set of ten prompts will be provided for each of the three writings. (Handouts will offer  more prompts for you to use on your own.)

  1. You will capture immediate reactions to a thoughtful quote about an adventure that gives you a chance to warm-up your writing muscles.
  2. Then, you will explore your response to one of ten randomly selected prompts about your personal travel experiences, either past excursions or potential future ones.
  3. Finally, you will attempt to weave together the “outer” and “inner” journeys for self-discovery.

Email Rhonda at to learn more or to schedule and host a house party.

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