Travel Touchstones: Transformative Travel through Creative Journal Writing

  • Have you considered spinning memories into stories, essays, or memoirs?
  • Have you captured a trip in journal entries & been disappointed by the results?
  • Have you traveled as tourist, pilgrim, adventurer, learner, intentional sojourner?
  • Have you yearned for adventures, but not known how to make them happen?
  • This workshop will illustrate how you let travel be our teacher!

     — No travel or writing experience required. — 

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Share adventures or misadventures with others in a fun atmosphere.
  2. Reflect on how to travel more purposefully and intentionally.
  3. Practice journal exercises to develop insight & clarity.
  4. Consider types of travel to match writing supplies to take with you.
  5. Develop writing skills through observation, writing with six senses; and mixing fiction with fact.
  6. Select journal writing methods for your circumstances and/or your writing style.
  7. Stimulate imagination with tips, ideas, and suggestions shared.
  8. Make new friends and get to know old ones in new ways.

What Previous Participants Say about the Workshop

Amy & Olivia eating chocolate for their writing prompt
  • Nicely presented
  • Good interaction
  • Useful handouts
  • Thank you, Rhonda.
  • I’m a fan!!
  • Many useable/practical ideas and suggestions
  • Great class—plenty of time for questions & sharing
  • I was surprised to learn so much in your workshop
  • It never occurred to me I might write & sell articles

PRICING FEES for 1-3-hour workshop

  • Per person fees
  • Special flat-fee group rate – to be negotiated
  • You may host a “house party” workshop – ask me about it!

To register or to ask further questions, please send an email to Rhonda Wiley-Jones at

Workshop Facilitator 

Wiley-Jones, fiercely committed for thirty years to guiding travelers toward supercharged benefits of writing to unlock the keys to transformative travel, will unpack journal-writing methods with which you can experiment. As an accomplished writer, with a travel memoir and a travel adventure novel; multiple publications in national anthologies and local lifestyle magazines; she can facilitate techniques for you to write stories for yourself, your family, or for publication.

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