Crafting Travel Memoir: Tell Your Story on Your Terms

This interactive, four-hour workshop will prompt questions for you to answer, suggestions for you to consider, and tips on what you need to know before you start writing your memoir. The time-savings will be immeasurable.

Autobiography reports the whole of one’s life, while memoir recounts a specific, meaningful portion. Writing memoir tells your story from your perspective and memory and in your own way.

  1. Learn where to start.
  2. Explore what decisions you must make to select the portions to write.
  3. Decide what to leave in and what to leave out.
  4. Acquire the basics of good storytelling and writing.
  5. Identify the difference between structure and sequence, so you use both effectively.
  6. Discover ways to generate rich layers of storytelling to enhance your narrative.
  7. Generate your own way to chart the story to keep you on track.
  8. Make it real and make it personal.
  9. Gather writing resources online and in print that will aid you in telling your story.
  10. Save time and money in your effort to get your story into the world.

To learn more about this participant-focused workshop, email Rhonda Wiley Jones at

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