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Conference Etiquette

Last week, I offered suggestions on how to make the most of attending a writing conference. I focused on learning, networking, and taking care of yourself while there.

This week, I want to consider the etiquette of attending a writing conference. While last week I featured what to do; this week, I’ll stress what not to do at a conference. Both are equally important.  Continue reading “Conference Etiquette”

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How to Make the Most of Attending a Writing Conference

Regardless of the kind of writing conference, course, or retreat you attend, here are some ways to make the best of it. You have most likely paid money for this experience, so it’s up to you to get your money’s worth.

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2018 Writers League of Texas Conference

The Focus is on Pitching your Book 

Wow, the 2018 Writers League of Texas Agents and Editors conference was a different kind of conference for me — not just workshops on the craft of writing, though that was included. The focus instead was on pitching to agents and editors. And the conference planners went out of their way to prepare us for pitching our books. They offered podcasts before the conference on pitching tips. The first general session is about how to successfully pitch. Immediately following that, we had a practice pitch time with other attendees.

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Revision: Ways to Improve my Writing


Editing a paragraph from my book-in-progress illustrates the kind of work entailed in revision. This is the “line edit” kind of editorial work that I do on an ongoing process with my writing partners and for myself.  Continue reading “Revision: Ways to Improve my Writing”