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Join the Story Circle Network Class, “What Lurks Beneath: Finding the Emotional Current Beneath the Story Events”

Invitation to Join the Class

For my writing friends, this is an invitation to join me and others to write a personal essay (travel writing perhaps?), then search for the emotional currents that lurk just beneath the events of the story. Learning how to express the emotional beats or currents in your story (whether fiction or nonfiction) challenges most of us as writers.

Class Description in a Nutshell

This class will explore the uniqueness of travel writing and how to revise and edit your work for publication word count limitations. Once the personal essay is drafted then you will learn how to discover the emotional current or force of you story, where to add emotional content, and different ways to express an emotional beat, like peeling an onion.

Learn More Here

I’d enjoy having you join us. You will find the class summary and outline with dates and costs, along with how to register for the class on the Story Circle Network’s class website.

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Wiley-Jones, fiercely committed for thirty years to guiding travelers toward supercharged writing benefits to unlock transformative travel, will unpack journal-writing methods with which you can experiment. Wiley-Jones is an accomplished writer and award-winning travel writer with 1) a coming-of-age travel memoir, and 2) an historical travel adventure novel; as well as multiple publications in national anthologies and local lifestyle magazines. She can facilitate techniques for you to write stories for yourself, your family, and/or for publication.